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17 Apr 2014

Recipes from the Ranch

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We are very excited to announce that each month, loyal Sure Champ customer, Mrs. Alise Nolan, from The Ranch Kitchen Blog, will be providing us with tasty, original recipes! Alise, her husband, Scott, and three daughters, Ilissa, Bethany and Audrey, own and operate the successful Hereford ranch, Nolan Herefords in Gilmer, Texas. The Nolan family are actively involved in their local, state and national Hereford associations and within their community. Alise is currently the Academic Coordinator at Gilmer Intermediate School, and holds a B.A. from Stephen F. Austin University and a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies and Principal Certification from the Universdity of Texas at Tyler. Her greatest joys are her husband, her girls and extended family and friends. She believes that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, never slowing down and enjoying each moment God has placed in our lives!

The Ranch Kitchen Blog was started in 2009 as a way for Alise to connect with her oldest daughter who was attending Texas A&M and was beginning to cook. What started as hand written recipes turned into a blog about Alise’s life and a way to catalog her favorite family recipes for her daughters. It is ultimately her goal to show how easy cooking really is and to also help advocate her agricultural lifestyle that has so positively impacted her family. A past president of the Texas Hereford Auxiliary, Alise, has had the joy of sharing her original recipes with many within her “Hereford family”. Each summer she cooks for over 120 people each day at events such as the National Junior Hereford Expo.

We appreciate the opportunity to feature some of Alise’s treasured recipes, and can’t wait to see what new things she creates for Sure Champ. If you’re looking for something new and special to fix for Easter this Sunday, hop on over to, and let Alise fix you up!

photo by Katie Green

I first met Victoria at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. I could quickly tell that this young lady’s determination and work ethic were going to take her far. This year the Oklahoma Youth Expo was a big one for Victoria. She won Overall Master Showman (a competition where you have to show multiple species) and Supreme Champion Heifer. You have to watch the video we took of her in the Grand Drive. Her expression is awesome. – Crystal Blin

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Victoria Chapman, I’m 16 and attend Dickson High School in Oklahoma. I’m the daughter of Eric and Tracie Chapman, I have two siblings, Erica and Fred Chapman, and am a 4th generation cattlewoman. My life constantly consist of cattle. Starting at the age of two I’ve known nothing more than raising, grazing, and working cattle!

What species do you show?

I only show heifers, but previously showed sheep. I started showing sheep at the age of 3 when my parents raised goats, I took my first goat “Peanut” to our local show and braced her! At the age of 9 they handed me my first lamb, and from there on my showing career began. At the age of 11, I was feeding show heifers with my brother and dad at a family friend’s house that raises show heifers. While I was feeding the Maine Anjous one heifer shocked my eyes as she walked up to me and started eating feed right out of my hand. From that moment on, I knew I wanted nothing more than that heifer. My parents played a joke on me telling me another little girl fell in love with the heifer and had bought her, but come to find out my parents had actually bought her and I came home to find a beautiful black heifer named “Sophie” waiting for me in the pasture.

What is your favorite showring moment?

My favorite showring moment would most definitely be the hugs, smiles, and excitement of winning Supreme Champion Heifer at the 2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo. The excitement of the slap and the hand shake is more than anyone could ever explain. The hard work, the support, and the memories I got to share with my family and my stock show family will never be forgotten.

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15 Apr 2014

Grass Tetany Awareness and Prevention

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Following a rough, cold winter, it seems that spring is finally arriving. Temperatures are on the rise and pastures are beginning to green. For most of us this is a welcomed event that leads to less time in the calving barn, reduced time feeding and a few more hours of sleep. But as many cattlemen and our nutritionist, Kevin Glaubius, have pointed out, it is a very crucial time for producers to be aware of and prevent a condition known as grass tetany or wheat pasture poisoning

Grass tetany occurs most frequently in the spring, following a period of cool temperatures. During this period the grass or cereal grains are immature and rapidly growing. This rapid growth rate followed by cool temperatures at night allow for the build up of potassium, reduced magnesium absorption, and ultimately critically low levels in the animals’ blood.

This syndrome is seen in almost all parts of the world, and primarily in mature, early lactation cows. However, it can also affect dry young cows and in some very rare cases, calves. Mature cows seem to be more susceptible to grass tetany because of their inability to mobilize magnesium from their bones to meet the need for homeostasis in the body fluids.

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12 Apr 2014

Sure Champ Joins Pinterest

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You’ve been hearing about it everywhere. People talking about “pinning” things and you are seeing the red and white logo with a P, but what exactly is this website that everyone is buzzing about? Pinterest, is a “visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for different projects and interests”. It’s kind of like a giant tack board of ideas.


No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a place and board for it on Pinterest. Sure Champ’s boards feature everything from nutrition, fashion, recipes, show barn designs, Sure Champ news and more. Each pin links to the original website, where you can purchase the item shown or learn more. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest trends and news, while creating your own boards of interest. Joining Pinterest is simple. Start by creating an account using your email, add a few boards and begin pinning! To check out Sure Champ’s boards and pins click here.

10 Apr 2014

Make Your Own Luck Show Clinic – Tipton, IN

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We are excited to announce our first Make Your Own Luck Show Clinic of the year. The Clinic that will be held in conjunction with the Central Indiana Classic Hog Show in Tipton, Indiana on May 3. At 10:00 am we will begin the clinic that will be followed by the Classic showmanship contest, barrow and gilt shows.

This one-hour event will feature everything from showmanship and daily care tips, to pig nutrition. Sure Champ Swine Specialist, Jason Lackey, will serve as the head instructor, accompanied by Sure Champ Support Manager, Britney Creamer and Area Sales Representative, Cody Sankey. The Sure Champ team will be on hand following the clinic to answer any questions you may have about Sure Champ or Vita Charge products. For more information contact Jason Lackey 806-787-3606 or Britney Creamer 816-344-5757. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at this educational event.

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